A Detail Guide on How to Get Rid of Pubic Fat

How to Get Rid of Pubic Fat

There are plenty of women who are obsessed with their pubic fat. The pubic area contains fatty tissues known as mons pubis are located above the pubic bone. Usually, women develop this lumpy fat under tummy after having kids. This fat can make women uneasy and uncomfortable in wearing skin fit jeans, leggings, swimsuit, and underwear.

Due to rapid weight gain, weight loss, hereditary, pregnancy, stress, and anxiety develop FUPA (Fat Upper Pelvic or Pubic Area). In this article, we are going to discuss in-depth on how to get rid of pubic fat.

Males and Females can be equally affected by FUPA (fat upper pubic area). However, the reasons are different. Accumulation of loose skin under your lower abdomen can give you a protruding lower belly.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out what causes this and discuss ways to get rid of it.

What is Pubic Fat?

Everyone will have a certain amount of fat in the body, and that includes people who are underweight and anorexic.

However, the saying “you are what you eat” is uncertainly true as not every fat that is accumulated in the body is due to the food you consume. This is because; a density of at least 0.2%-0.3% fat will definitely pile up in the pubic area without the proper ways of management.

 Pubic Fat

As the name suggests, it is an accumulation of excess fat termed in the lower abdomen. More frequently, this area leads to loose skin that gathers around the pubic area and gives you the blemish that cannot be reduced very easily.

Understandably, women, mainly those who have just delivered babies, will have some difficulties in losing fat in the pubic area. This is due to the rapid weight gain during their pregnancy.

However, it is common to carry a little extra fat and flabby pubic area with a density of 0.1%-0.2%.

What are the Causes of Pubic Fat?

Firstly it’s important to understand what causes pubic fat. Have you noticed it? This loose skin appeared after the delivery of your baby, or an unbalanced diet caused the accumulation of fatty cells? Here are some of the causes explained:

Weight Issues:

Rapid weight gain and loss is one the causes which can give you that unsightly paunch. If you gain weight, all the fat cells gather around your lower abdomen. Similarly, when you lose your weight through aggressive dieting or any other reason, due to the reduction of fatty cells, your skin becomes saggy.


Genetics plays a key role in obesity and weight gain, and various clinical studies have proved this. Bodyweight also affects muscle weight and body fat leading to weight gain.


The female body undergoes lots of changes during and after pregnancy. The rectus abdominals are muscles expand vertically to make room for the baby. Hormones play a vital role in relaxing and contracting the muscles.

So, your abdominal muscles are stretched up to the maximum limit to deliver your little bundle of joy. But after the process, your muscles relax, making your skin lose.

Anxiety and Stress

A hormone known as cortisol is released from your body during stress and anxiety. This hormone can lead to the accumulation of fat under your tummy. With proper diet and exercise, this can be reduced and treated.

Are you self-conscious about pubic fat and would like to know how to lose pubic fat quickly?


How to Make Pubic Fat go Away?

If you’ve been wondering, here are a few ways on how to get rid of the pubic fat! There a few steps you can take to reduce fat in your pubic area.

Balanced Diet And Improved Lifestyle:

The key factor in reducing pubic fat is to control your calorie intake. Apart from this, avoid processed and junk food because eating junk can cause overconsumption of calories and ultimately leads to weight gain. Opt for fresh vegetables and fruits. Fizzy drinks should be swapped with fresh juices and plain water. As you know, 25 percent of exercise and 75 percent diet will help you to reduce weight.

Along with exercise, you should have a balanced diet, including foods rich in vitamin C (oranges, kiwi, peas, and papayas) because it is a powerful antioxidant and controls the release of stress hormone. Vitamin C is effective in preventing free radical damage as well.

The diet should include omega 3 fatty acids. This controls your stress hormone. Fish, walnuts, and chia seeds can be included. This will help you gain strength to fight with your stubborn FUPA.

Eating healthy, delicious food!

While you are working on dieting and starving, try including foods that help burn more fat and calories, and regulate the levels of cortisol in the hypothalamus. For instance, foods rich in Vitamin C and Omega 3 can double up the density of pubic fat that you wish to lose. Apart from it, there is also an option to consume Omega 3 supplements in your daily life. However, you must always, and always consult a doctor to check if these supplements are safe for you. At the same time, say NO to refined foods and keep yourself disciplined to achieve the desired outcome.


If you want to reduce weight, exercise contributes 25 percent in weight loss, as mentioned earlier. You don’t have to be a gym freak to lose abdominal fat. Simple exercises at home can help you achieve your goal.

Exercise can always begin with the simplest aerobic exercise, such as Zumba, dancing, and jogging. It increases the blood circulation to the heart and eventually draws energy from calories and extra fats that have been stored in the pubic area more efficiently.

Apart from that, there are a few great workouts to get rid of the pubic fat. For instance, planks and crunches will tighten up the pubic muscle and provide you with all the other advantages for a healthy body and mind. Remember, exercises need plenty of time and patience. It is slowly, but surely.

Surgery is not always the only option, but it is definite management. However, there are ways to get rid of the pubic fat without resorting to surgery. For most of us, body fat has a bad reputation.

Besides, it can be awful and disturbing to look at the pubic fat that you have been living with for ages. Everything comes no easy, but the correct amount of dedication and a few handful tips will help you in getting rid of the pubic fat.

At the end of the day, losing the density of 0.2%-0.3% of pubic fat is like the salt in the sea.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, you need to follow a consistent diet plan with a Pubic fat pad exercise routine. Other than this, surgical treatments are an option to lose your pubic fat quickly.


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