9 Tips on How to Lose Weight Without Hunger

How to Lose Weight Without Hunger

The title seems a bit confusing, right? How on earth it would be possible when we’re pointing at how to lose weight without feeling hungry? Well, if you’ve been a new weight loss enthusiast, this might sound strange. But for people who’re up to it for quite some time, this makes a complete sense anyway.

To take you through the details, we have gathered 9 actionable and easy to follow tips that will let you lose those extra kilos without doing struggle. Stay tuned till the very bottom, and we will explain each of these tips right away.

How to Lose Weight in 9 Actionable Ways

Alright, so this is the piece of the cake that we all have been waiting for. In here, we’ll talk about 9 of the most effective, proven and actionable hacks of losing weight in months. It’s not a typical list of a handful of pieces of advice that no one cares about. This list is sourced from extensive research on what works and what does not when it comes to weight loss.

However, buckle your seatbelt, and let’s proceed-

Tip 1 of 9: Don’t Compromise with the breakfast

There is a myth among weight loss enthusiasts of beginner level that skipping breakfast will let them burn a few calories somehow. But that’s a complete fluke.

You need to keep yourself energized throughout the whole day, and skipping breakfast is not a good idea at all. Keep a rick-in-protein breakfast in your daily breakfast. This will reduce the craving and hunger throughout the day.

Tip 2 of 9: Be Regular with Meal

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you should starve for days and weeks. You can take your regular meals, and still, you can lose weight anyway. In fact, it’s proven that eating at regular time intervals helps in faster fat and calorie burning.

Also, regular meals reduce temptations for snacks and other junk foods.

Tip 3 of 9: Fruits and Veg are the keys

You might have heard it a lot of times, and let us say it for you again. Fruits and vegetables are the ultimate sources of low calorie, low fat, and high fiber.

Keeping fruits and vegetables in your regular meal will help you to stay full and energized, without adding any extra weight or fat. On the other hand, fibers are easy to digest, and it will enhance the metabolism of the body.

Tip 4 of 9: Use Plates that are small in size

This might sound weird, but this is a psychological trick that actually helps people to stay within limits when it comes to eating.

First of all, using smaller plates help you to consume a smaller portion of food at a time. If you turn that into a habit, you will be eventually used to with smaller meals and that will also fill you up.

Tip 5 of 9: Know what you are eating

Don’t always rely on what your dietician says or what those weight loss communities are suggesting to do. You have to be your own guide when you are selecting what food to eat and whatnot.

Apart from living foods like fish, meat, and fruit, there are also commercially available foods, which are labeled with essential nutrition containments. You should learn how to read those food labels and chose healthier options anyway.

Tip 6 of 9: Say No to alcohol

We don’t know whether you are a consumer of light and hard alcohol or not. If you are, you should aware of the fact that a standard glass of wine contains as many calories as a piece of large chocolate does.

Therefore, drinking too much highly contributes to weight gain. So, beware of the fact and stay away from alcohol.

Tip 7 of 9: Don’t Stay Hungry

This is one of the many myths that are into people who are up to weight loss that, eating less and staying hungry will eventually let them lose those extra kilos.

But that’s not appropriate, at least for most of us. Easting less or not eating at all will lead to a lack of carb and fat in your body. As you know, carbs and fat are two of the biggest energy sources for the body. In case you are starving, this will keep yourself down in energy and lack concentration in work.

Tip 8 of 9: Stick to real food instead of processed food

When you are up to a super shop, 95% of the available items are processed foods. We are not offending those foods, but a real fact is, industrially available foods and drinks are never better than the live and real ones.

By live and real food, we mean fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, olive oil, butter, nuts, etc.

Tip 9 of 9: Keep up with the numbers

This is not a direct tip related to food and exercise. But this is quite an important psychological tip.

When you have put yourself through a process of weight loss, measure yourself in terms of the waist size and weight once every couple of weeks. If you watch yourself losing even a few hundred grams each week, this is will keep yourself motivated.

Therefore, keep weight and measuring tape at home, and take yourself through these on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

Hey, we’ve reached the dead bottom of the article. So far, we had been talking about 9 of the most effective tips that you can follow yourself and will be effective as well. If you are crawling around the web to find the answer to how to lose weight without bulky gym works, this should be the right formula for you.

Let me know which one of these 9 you have loved the most. In case you have any more suggestions to include in this list, you are welcome to contribute as well.

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